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Berlin Steak & Strip

The dream of every man! A huge steak and a hot strip show. Gorgeous!

Berlin Strip Dinner

It's not necessary to use salt or pepper, your dinner will be spicy enough. ;)

Berlin Strip Limousine

A ride in a Limousine and a hot stripshow are the perfect introduction for your evening.

Berlin Strip River Cruise

A river cruise and a hot stripshow.

Berlin Strip Show

The "Classic" of every bachelor party. Grant your friend this amusement and you can watch also ;)

Berlin Strip Trabant Tour

Sales price: 45,00 €
Typical german car and a hot strip show? Sounds awesome ;)

Cologne Female Stripper

The classic for every stag party, a stripshow. A totally must-have.

Cologne Male Stripper

A must have for every bachlorette party, a stripshow. Book your MALE stripper for your hen and she will be very thankful

Cologne Strip River Cruise

The River Cruise is the perfect way to start your bachelor party, and you will get a private strip show for your bachelor.

Dresden Female Stripper

A must-have for every stag party.

Dresden Male Stripper

A stripshow belongs to a hen party like beer to germany.

Dresden Steak & Strip

Steaks and a stripshow, the dinner for real men!

Dresden Strip Dinner

Your waitress isn't only a waitress, but your stag doesn't know. ;)

Dresden Strip Limousine

Have a ride in a Limousine and a hot strip show.

Dresden Strip River Cruise

A relaxing tour on the Elbe and a hot strip show by a sexy dancer.

Dresden Table Dance Club

Your future wife will never know, just tell her that you've been celebrating.

Duesseldorf Female Stripper

The classic of every stag party, a stripper for your bachelor.

Duesseldorf Male Stripper

A stripshow for your hen party in Duesseldorf.

Duesseldorf Strip Hummer Limousine

A hummer limousine and a strip show sounds like the perfect combination for your stag party.

Duesseldorf Strip River Cruise

Sightseeing and a stripshow, on a boat. PERFECT!

Duesseldorf Table Dance Club

A highlight for every stag party and the perfect location for your evening before start partying.

Duesseldorf Table Dance Club "Ladies Special"

Not only men are able to go to a table dance club, you can also go!

Frankfurt Drinks and Strip

Enjoy some cool drinks and a hot strip show.

Frankfurt Female Stripper

A stripshow has to be a part of a stag night.

Frankfurt Strip Dinner

Enjoy a delicious meal and a hot strip show as dessert

Frankfurt Strip Hummer

Book this unique convertible Hummer limousine and enhy a stripshow during your ride.

Frankfurt Strip Limousine

Because a standard ride in a limousine is too mainstream.

Frankfurt Strip River Cruise

A River Cruise and a sexy stripshow for your bachelor!

Frankfurt Stripper

Book a sexy female or male stripper for your stag or hen party in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Table Dance Club

Bare skin is a totally must-have at every bachelor party.

Hamburg Female Stripper

A stripshow has not to be missed.

Hamburg Strip Dinner

A delicious dinner with a hot dessert ;)

Hamburg Strip Hummer Limousine

A limousine and a strip show are 2 must haves for your stag party.

Hamburg Strip River Cruise

An relaxing river cruise through the famous port of Hamburg and a hot strip show at the end.

Hamburg Stripshow at the Reeperbahn

A stay in Hamburg without visiting a stripsclub is not an option.

Munich Female Stripper

Definately a must have for your bachelor.

Munich Male Stripper

Selesct a handsome guy for your hen.

Munich Strip Dinner

Enjoy a delicious dinner and a hot strip show afterwards.

Munich VIP Strip Club

Your future wife doesn't need to know what you did there ;)
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