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Welcome Dinners

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Berlin Burgers 'n' Beer

Burgers and Beer, a typical activity for men. The flavour of meat on the grill and cold beer out of the fridge. Beautiful!

Berlin Dinner & VIP Club Entry

A delicious dinner before clubbing sounds great. Enjoy a great dinner and then spend the night out in the german capital.

Berlin Steak & Strip

The dream of every man! A huge steak and a hot strip show. Gorgeous!

Berlin Strip Dinner

It's not necessary to use salt or pepper, your dinner will be spicy enough. ;)

Dresden 3-Course Dinner

An appetizer for your long night clubbing.

Frankfurt Dinner

Start your evening with a 3-course dinner in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Gourmet River Cruise

A River Cruise and a cheese tray provides a perfect start in the day.

Hamburg 3-Course Meal

A delicious dinner is the perfect way to start into your evening.

Hamburg Steak & Strip

Steaks and a hot strip show, the perfect way to blast off your stag party.

Hamburg Strip Dinner

A delicious dinner with a hot dessert ;)

Munich 3-Course Meal

A delicious meal as a start of your stag night in Munich.

Munich Brewery Dinner

A dinner, beer and your best friends.

Munich Dinner in the "Hofbrauhaus"

The most famous brewery house in Germany.

Munich Strip Dinner

Enjoy a delicious dinner and a hot strip show afterwards.

Stuttgart Brewery Tour with Dinner

First there is a tour through a famous german brewery and after the tour you will enjoy a delicious dinner.