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Beer & Wine Tastings

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Cologne "Koelsch" Tasting

The traditional beer in the city of cologne is "Koelsch", it has a special taste, but it's quiet good.

Cologne Brewery Tour

"Koelsch" is the traditionel beer of Cologne. Discover some great brewery houses of the city.

Cologne Brewery Tour

A guided tour in a famous brewery in Cologne. You are able to taste.

Cologne Wine Tasting

If you want to start your stag party with style, this is the best option for you.

Dresden Wine Tasting

The more classy way to celebrate a stag night in Dresden.

Duesseldorf "Altbier" Pub Crawl

German beer is the best one in the world.

Duesseldorf "Altbier" Treasure Hunt

You will visit traditional bars in the center of Duesseldorf.

Duesseldorf Beer Carriage

A horse carriage ride along the Rhine river with 10 to 30 liters of typical Duesseldorfer Altbeer is a great way to start off the afternoon.

Duesseldorf Brewery Dinner

Book a brewery dinner with a pub crawl for your stag or hen-do in Duesseldorf.

Duesseldorf Brewery Tour

"Altbier" is the typicall beer of Duesseldorf. Try it now!

Duesseldorf Wine Tasting

A pub crawl isn't the right thing for you?

Hamburg Brewery Conduct

The best beverage in the world!

Munich Brewery Dinner

A dinner, beer and your best friends.

Munich Brewery Tour

The german capital of beer.

Munich Dinner in the "Hofbrauhaus"

The most famous brewery house in Germany.

Stuttgart Brewery Tour

Your guide knows everything about the worlds most famous beverage.

Stuttgart Brewery Tour with Dinner

First there is a tour through a famous german brewery and after the tour you will enjoy a delicious dinner.

Stuttgart Wine Tasting

The region is well-known for it's wine.