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Duesseldorf Table Dance Club

SKU: DÜS0028
A highlight for every stag party and the perfect location for your evening before start partying.

Duesseldorf Table Dance Club

A bachelor party wouldn't be the same without visiting a stripclub, or am I right? This is the last chance for your bachelor to relish the beauty of these dancers and on the other hand this is a proof for him that he really loves his future wife.



  • Entering to one of the best table dance clubs in Duesseldorf
  • Bachelor receive 30 dollars he can pin together the dancers as a tip
  • All other participants will receive a dollar each
  • More dollars you can easily purchase at the waiters
  • Sexy Shower Show (1-1 for the bachelor in Séparée) as a grand finale also included
  • 0.5l Vodka Smirnoff or equivalent incl. Soft drinks


Important Information


  • Price is per person for bookings of at least 10 participants, with fewer people you can ask for more information. 
  • The duration of your visit to the strip club is up to your group. There is no requirement to book a private striptease or lap dancing, but you should during your stay at the club and drink order. not transfer included since the activity takes place within walking distance to the town center.
  • The VIP entrance can't be booked earlier than 21:30 clock.
  • There is no dress code in the strip club, but you have to pass the bouncers and it happens that they deny costumed bachelor the inlet.
  • In private shows are photos and video recordings usually no problem, but should be discussed with the dancers or dancers here. In the table dancing establishment, however this is usually not welcome. We advise you beforehand to get the consent of the staff or simply refrain from photographing before you start taking photos.
  • Erotic shows can be booked exclusively for persons over 18 years. Photo ID for proof of age shall be kept in booking a show or other erotic activities of each participant. Furthermore, it is expressly pointed out that the dancer may only be touched unless it was communicated unmistakable to the participants of the dance. The dancers reserved the right to cancel the show at risk to their safety or to terminate early. This is particularly related to excessive alcohol consumption of participants and inappropriate touching, rough handling, threat, defamation or other personalities that are the dancer can not be expected. A claim for reimbursement of the questions for the show in the invoice amount is at fault of the termination of the show by the participants explicitly not. The dancers reserve the right to take legal action against individuals or the group leader in disregard of those principles.
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