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Berlin Dinner & VIP Club Entry

A delicious dinner before clubbing sounds great. Enjoy a great dinner and then spend the night out in the german capital.

Berlin VIP Club Entry

Very Important People, VIP. We all want to feel like one of "them". This is your chance to fulfill this dream.

Cologne VIP Club Access

Perfect conditions for a perfect night clubbing.

Dresden VIP Club Access

Celebrate until the sun comes up.

Duesseldorf Table Dance Club

A highlight for every stag party and the perfect location for your evening before start partying.

Duesseldorf Table Dance Club "Ladies Special"

Not only men are able to go to a table dance club, you can also go!

Duesseldorf VIP Club Access

The best assumption for your night in a great club in Duesseldorf.

Duesseldorf VIP Club Access "Après Ski"

The best motto for a party is definately "Après Ski".

Frankfurt Table Dance Club

Bare skin is a totally must-have at every bachelor party.

Frankfurt VIP Club Access

The perfect conditions for the party of your life.

Hamburg VIP Club Access

Visiting a club is a must have for every stag or hen party!

Hamburg VIP Table Dance Club

Your future wife doesn't need to know ;)

Munich VIP Club Entry

Start celebrating in one of the best clubs in Munich.

Munich VIP Strip Club

Your future wife doesn't need to know what you did there ;)

Stuttgart Table Dance Club

A visit to a exclusive strip club in the city of Stuttgart.

Stuttgart VIP Club Access

Book this package and you are fully equipped for your party.