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Hamburg Party Bike

SKU: HAM0012
A classic for stag parties in Germany.

Hamburg Party Bike

The perfect preperation for your stag night in Hamburg, a tour on a party bike with your best friends and beer. You will visit some famous places of the city and the attention of the people will totally be at you. 



  • Renting a bicycle party for up to 16 people
  • Approximately 2-hour tour through Hamburg
  • A local expert driver / tour guide (still sober)
  • 20 liters of beer (other drinks and meals on request)
  • Music is on board (you can bring your own CDs)


Important Information

  • Price is per person for bookings of at least 12 Participants, with fewer people you can ask for more information.
  • The beer bike should ideally be staffed with at least 11 people (10 pedal, a taps). 16 persons (co-moving guests) are the maximum occupation. People who do not want permanent contact, on the back seat or on a side of the seat bottom there is a bracket without space (max. 5-6 persons).
  • In the peak season from March to October especially the Friday and Saturday appointments are very much in demand. We therefore recommend to book beer bike tours on the above dates at least 6 weeks in advance. The busiest start times are on Saturdays from 13:00 bis 20:00 Experience has shown clock.
  • The vehicle driver is generally provided by the organizer. The staff has the necessary skills to lead the beer bike safely in traffic, according to the Highway Code. The driver is consuming alcohol immediately before and not allowed during the tour. The driver's instructions is essential to follow!
  • The drinks are only available from the organizers. High alcohol content spirits like brandy and liqueurs are strictly prohibited. With excessive alcohol consumption (even of individual participants) and related safety threat, the tour can be canceled without claim for reimbursement.
  • "Wild Pee" is prohibited and may be punishable in violation. Stops at public toilets, pubs and restaurants are scheduled at regular intervals. Jumping off the beer bike while driving is generally (also contact defecation) is strictly prohibited!
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