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Fankfurt Recording a Song

SKU: FRA0033
Spend some time in a professional recording studio in Frankfurt and sing your favourite songs.

Frankfurt Recording a Song

Stars as Tyga or Boys2Men have already been here recording some songs. You will get the chance to sing some of your favourite songs and get them as a souvenir on CD. The team will take care of you and you will get some advices before you start recording so your song will be perfect.



  • Recording of two songs of your choice under the guidance of a professional recording engineers
  • 2 high-quality blended songs on CD (will be sent to you after the event)
  • The same high-end equipment with AMS Neve Custom 76 mixer, Pro Tools HDX and Mythek Studio converter, various effects units, complete Vovox cabling and much more
  • Photos of your session in the recording studio and short video (if desired)
  • You can bring your own drinks



Important Information

  • Price is per person for bookings of at least 10 Participants, with fewer people you can ask for more information. 
  • Duration of the activity is about  1.5 hours.
  • Participants should rehearse the songs together before the visit to the recording studio.
  • You are welcome to bring your own drinks or booked from this About us directly at the following prices:

Coke / Sprite / water per 1 liter = 2,50 € incl. Deposit € 0.15
Orange juice 1 liter High C = € 2.20 no deposit
Red Bull 0.355 l = 3,00 € incl. Deposit € 0.25
Freixenet sparkling wine 0,75 l = € 10.00 no deposit
Moet 0.75 l = € 50.00 no deposit
Whiskey Jim Beam 0.7 l = € 20.00 no deposit
Smirnoff Vodka 0,7 l = € 20.00 no deposit
Crate of beer (Becks) 20 bottles a 0.5l = 25,00 € incl. Deposit € 3.10

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