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Cologne Outdoor Paintball

SKU: KÖL0035
S.W.A.T Feeling at your bachelor party in Cologne.

Outdoor Paintball in Cologne

Paintball is one the most famous activities at a stag party is playing paintball. No matter if outdoor or indoor, but outdoor paintball is more fun because you experince real army feeling and feel yourself being into a special ops scene. And there are more obstacles and the area looks more realistic.



  • 4-hour use of the Adventure Paintball field or alternatively the SupAir field
  • Contain 200 paintballs per person Price
  • Semi Automatic Gun
  • 1 bottle of compressed air, 1 Magazine (Hopper) for the balls and one rental mask
  • Bunny costume for the bachelor (once 29, - EUR extra)


Important Information

  • Price is per person for bookings of at least 8 Participants, with fewer people you can ask for more information. 
  • Duration of the activity is about 4 hours. The paintball field is located about 50 minutes from Cologne, a transfer is not included in the price.
  • You can also grill on site, the operator shall provide you a free or even two large grills.
  • Showers are not available on site. The organizers recommend just 3 minutes away Eifel-Zikkurat , perfect for relaxing after a paintball event.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol aren't allowed to play. A decision is at the discretion of the local organizer. Please therefore consumed no alcohol before heading to this activity. In general, we recommend all participants a responsible use of alcohol .



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