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Fun & Action Events in Cologne

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Cologne "Koelsch" Tasting

The traditional beer in the city of cologne is "Koelsch", it has a special taste, but it's quiet good.

Cologne 4x4 Off Road Jeep

Getting dirty isn't something horrible, it's fun. Experience the power of your Suziki Off-Road vehicle.

Cologne Adventure Park

A special park for climbing, in the middle of Cologne.

Cologne Archery

Feel like Robin Hood, nothing else to say ;)

Cologne Beach Club

The Beach Club is the perfect location to hang out and relax before you start clubbing in the evening.

Cologne Brewery Tour

A guided tour in a famous brewery in Cologne. You are able to taste.

Cologne Carriage Ride

A carriage ride with a special, just for you: 10 Litres of original "Koelsch" beer.

Cologne Climbing & Bouldering

You have fun at climbing? This is the best option for your last day in freedom.

Cologne Excavator

Feel like a builder and drive a huge excavator, dig some wholes.

Cologne Ghostwalk

A scary tour, with true storys, through the old town center of cologne.

Cologne GPS Treasure Hunt

Another possibility to discover the beautiful city of Cologne.

Cologne Indoor Go-Karting

An exciting race as a beginning for your stag night in Cologne!

Cologne Indoor Paintball

Play a couple rounds and enjoy your day.

Cologne Indoor Soccer

The most popular sport in Germany, soccer. Play Indoor Soccer in Cologne and enjoy a perfect start in the day.

Cologne inflatable Boat Tour

A relaxing tour through Cologne, on the Rhine.

Cologne Outdoor Go-Karting

Formula One Feeling in Cologne.

Cologne Outdoor Go-Karting Deluxe

Experience a day as a racer at our karting event in Cologne.

Cologne Outdoor Paintball

S.W.A.T Feeling at your bachelor party in Cologne.

Cologne Outdoor Paintball Deluxe

1000 Paintballs to shoot at your mates.

Cologne Photo Report

Recieve your own photobook of your bachelor party in Cologne.

Cologne Photobox Shooting

Design your own photoshooting however you want.

Cologne Photoshooting

Feel like a VIP at your personal photoshooting.

Cologne Poker

Play poker at your stag night, the best option for a stag party.

Cologne Pole Dancing Lesson

Ladies, surprise your future husband with your skills you learned here.

Cologne Quad Biking

A quad tour through the Eiffel.

Cologne Rafting

Rafting is ausumn and of course the best option for your stag party!

Cologne Recording a Song

A disk of your favorite song, sang by yourself is the perfect souvenir of your bachelor party.

Cologne Wine Tasting

If you want to start your stag party with style, this is the best option for you.