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Cologne 4x4 Off Road Jeep

SKU: KÖL0022
Getting dirty isn't something horrible, it's fun. Experience the power of your Suziki Off-Road vehicle.

Cologne 4x4 Off Road Jeep

The track is filled with some difficult challenges you have to master with your Suzuki Off-Road vehicle. After an introduction you have the possibility to ride by yourself. For persons  who are feared of getting dirty this might be a new experience and you can subdue your fears, but a little bit of dirt won't hurt anybody. ;)


  • 30 minutes driving time per person
  • Challenging course with various obstacles
  • Lap with professional driver
  • Then several rounds driving by yourself (only with a valid drivers licence)
  • Safety equipment


Important Information

  • Price is per person for bookings of at least 4 Participants, with fewer people you can ask for more information.
  • Duration of the activity is about 2 hours. The track is located about 80 kilometers from Cologne. A transfer can be booked for an additional charge.
  • It is recommended (especially in winter), to bring warm clothes and sturdy shoes.
  • Optional rustic Catering incl. Soft drinks (sausages, bread, side dishes, water, coffee, cola, apple juice)
  • Beer 0.33 L (after the event) for EUR 1.50 each - available on site
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol aren't allowed to take part of the attraction. A decision is at the discretion of the local organizer. Please therefore consumed no alcohol before taking part this activity. In general, we recommend all participants a responsible use of alcohol .
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