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Berlin Indoor Paintball

Are you planning an exciting afternoon event for your stag party in Berlin? Play Paintball: That's one of the classic afternoon activities and fun is guaranted

Cologne Indoor Paintball

Play a couple rounds and enjoy your day.

Cologne Outdoor Paintball

S.W.A.T Feeling at your bachelor party in Cologne.

Cologne Outdoor Paintball Deluxe

1000 Paintballs to shoot at your mates.

Dresden Indoor Paintball

This has to be a part of your stag / hen party!

Dresden Outdoor Paintball

Alpha, Charlie, Delta, Search and Destroy.

Duesseldorf Indoor Paintball

Another classic for a bachelor party. Playing paintball is a great opportunity to show your stag what "life" means.

Duesseldorf Paintball Deluxe

You can't get enough of playing paintball, perfect. We either!

Frankfurt Indoor Paintball

A classic daytime activity for a stag party.

Frankfurt Outdoor Paintball

Your bachelor deserves it to get shot with colourful bullets by his best friends.

Frankfurt Outdoor Paintball Deluxe

Playing paintball is probably the most famous activity for a stag party. Anf why? Because it's fun!

Hamburg Indoor Paintball

What should be said about paintball? Try it. ;)

Munich Indoor Paintball

One of the most booked activities for stag parties.

Stuttgart Indoor Paintball

One of the most famous activites for stag parties. Play some rounds of paintball and start your day with an action-packed game.