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Party River Cruises

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Berlin Party Boat

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Absolutely the best way to spend the afternoon in Berlin. Relax, drink some cold beer and plan the evening.

Berlin Strip River Cruise

A river cruise and a hot stripshow.

Dresden Gourmet River Cruise

A river tour on the Elbe and a delicious dinner are a great beginning of your stag party.

Dresden Partyboat

A great and relaxed tour down the Elbe.

Dresden River Barbecue

Seize the day and have a trip on the Elbe and a BBQ.

Duesseldorf River Cruise

A relaxing river cruise along the rhine riverside with al cold beer.

Duesseldorf Strip River Cruise

Sightseeing and a stripshow, on a boat. PERFECT!

Frankfurt Gourmet River Cruise

A River Cruise and a cheese tray provides a perfect start in the day.

Frankfurt Motorboat Cruise

A motor boat tour is the perfect start in the day.

Frankfurt Partyboat

Have a ride with our partyboat.

Frankfurt Strip River Cruise

A River Cruise and a sexy stripshow for your bachelor!

Hamburg Motorboat Cruise

Feel the adrenalin rushing through your body!

Hamburg River Cruise

A River Cruise is another way to start a stag party.

Hamburg Strip River Cruise

An relaxing river cruise through the famous port of Hamburg and a hot strip show at the end.

Munich Float Ride

A float tour along the beautiful landscape of Munich.