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Munich Survival Training

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Learn how to survive your marriage ;) just kidding, you will learn how to survive in nature.

Munich Survival Training

Orientation, Map and compass in a unknown area of ​​water and make a fire with the simplest means, build temporary shelters out of what nature has to offer. In this survival course you will learn the basics of survival in the wild nature.

How do you prepare from what the nature has to offer, a tasty repast? Who can survive in the wild, which has a good chance to survive even in marriage.



  • Outdoor survival training near Munich
  • Professional Survival Guide
  • Orientation day with Map & Compass
  • Build temporary shelters
  • Food production from nature
  • Water treatment (theory)
  • Complete equipment and food included.


Important information

  • Price is per person for bookings of at least 10 Participants with less people you can ask for more information.
  • Duration of activity is about 10 hours. Transfers not included, the activity takes about 50 minutes from Munich away.
  • It is recommended (especially in winter) to bring warm clothing and sturdy shoes.
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